Joel Embiid: Should He Play?


Joel “The Process” Embiid just cannot seem to stay healthy. He’s missed a large amount of games due to injuries in his career. Injuries that go back to him missing his rookie season, and a lot of his 2nd season. The Philadelphia organization has had him on minute restrictions all season, and have had him sit the 2nd of back to back games. All of these are precautions to protect the future of their franchise. The duo of Embiid and Simmons can be a powerhouse for years to come if they both can remain healthy. They are a tandem that Scoops will love to watch grow and play together.

Now onto his recent injury. Embiid took a shot to the face after an accidental collision late in game with teammate Markelle Fultz. He ended up requiring surgery, and has had to wear a protective face mask when working out. This injury came right before playoff time, so of course Philly has rested Embiid up to this point. Philly’s medical staff have said the date of when Joel Embiid can come back to play depends on his ability to handle the pain and discomfort, and whenever Philadelphia management wants him to come back. Philly and Miami are 1-1 in the first round, and many wonder whether or not they should let Embiid play. Embiid is a matchup nightmare, and one of the hardest players to guard in the entire NBA. Of course his play would help Philly in their fight, but is it worth the risk? What if he gets hit in the face and has to miss more time? Joel has spoken out about his frustrations in regards to his lack of play, and has even expressed himself on social media. He posted on one of his social media accounts how he was “f*cking tired of being babied”. Any athlete sympathizes with Embiid, because everyone knows he’s as competitive as they come. He loves the game of basketball and helping his team win, and being held back when he has the opportunity to help his team succeed in the playoffs has frustrated him.

Philly plays Miami in game 3 tomorrow. The question stands: should he play?

The answer? YES

If I was making the call for Philadelphia, and Joel Embiid said he felt good enough to play, I would put him in the starting lineup. I would consider restricting his minutes, but any minutes he played would be helpful to the cause of helping the Sixers advance. Miami has shown they are going to fight, so Philly needs to give it everything they’ve got. Scoops is aware of everyone’s concerns of Embiid potentially re-injuring himself and missing the entire playoffs or worse, but I would leave it up to Embiid. He’s a competitor with a fire that not a lot of players have. If he wanted in, I would trust his judgment to play and help Philly win. With the recent Lebron struggles (a topic Scoops will cover very soon) and many not trusting Toronto in the playoffs just yet, the idea of the Sixers making it to the NBA Finals has grown from a pipe dream to a very real outcome. I think if Philly goes all in this post season, they can do it. The city of Philadelphia has been winning on many sports platforms, and their is no reason basketball can’t be another.

Let him play. Trust the Process.

Do you think Joel Embiid should play in game 3? 🤔

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Scoops 🏀


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